• Virtualisation


Hyper-V is Microsoft’s implementation of virtualisation. This technology allows you to manage your IT infrastructure in a much more flexible way. Servers, desktops and even applications can be virtualised. This allows you to expand, upgrade and relocate your servers in a matter of minutes. Existing installations can be ported onto new/dissimilar hardware with minimal downtime – allowing for quick and easy hardware upgrades. Using the built-in replication mechanisms enable the use of second and third replicas of your machines. These can be held either on site or in the cloud. This type of infrastructure can provide an option to recover from a server failure in less than 5 minutes.

Software Maintenance

We maintain all Microsoft based operating systems and the majority of professional applications / third party software you may be running.

Network Security

We can also provide advice on internal and external protection. It’s important to safeguard against unwanted programs finding their way to your machines.

Network Installation

We can install and maintain your network together with all of its peripherals.